Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Visit to the "Audition and Campaign Hot Place"

So maybe you are asking yourself, "Self, where has Taunie been lately? She hasn't blogged in eons!!"  Funny you should ask, (even if you didn't) because I am going to tell you where I have been.  I have been visiting the Audition and Campaign Hot Place.  That place devoid of any sanity, any reason and any time.  
We were sucked in at the beginning of March with Maddie's ambition to run for SBO officer for 9th grade.  If you have ever visited Campaign and Audition Hot Place you will know that your initiation begins with the creation of several, very original, very creative and, in our case, very time-consuming posters.  For a weekend we were immersed in pictures and catchy phrases, which all of course were tied to our amazing overall theme.  Cutting and pasting and approving and relenting and late nights all ensued. 
After our poster constructing initiation we were quickly whisked into the Fight for the Best Wall Brawl which begins at 7 am on a chosen Monday morning. But, fortunately we learned last year, if you come at 7 you are too late! For those of you who saw Hunger Games, it is not unlike the run to the Cornucopia.  There are few friends on this morning.  Mothers, fathers and anxious students alike rush to the most popular walls in the school -ya, who knew?-to hang their works of art before the spot is taken.  After securing said spot you tape the bejeebers out of your wall art so that no student may mangle or dismantle your poster. 
Then, lest you think the drama is scaling down, begins the CAMPAIGN WEEK!  For the student it is a week of reminding all of the people you ever sat next to, or laid eyes on, or lockered next to, how amazing you are and how much they want to vote for you.  For the parent it is a week of unrelenting stress.  Stomach pain, nausea, and anxiety over the much awaited day of Primary elections where your beloved child will come home with little to no confidence intact (tears to follow), or you will get the victory nod and move onto the final election.
Our first run with Maddie ended in disappointment, but not to be beaten down she moved on to Class Elections joined by Taylor who would run for 8th grade office.  And....you guessed it...back to Poster Brainstorming and late night creativity cramming.
The following Monday it all began again...and I mean, ALL.  So by Friday when I was away visiting my mother, my heart was in my stomach when we got the news that once again, Maddie was defeated, but we were thrilled that Taylor would be moving into the final election.  There was a rainbow that day because not only were we in the throws of Campaign conundrums but we were also knee deep in Madrigal Auditions.  Maddie was putting  her efforts into her musical talents now along with Linzie as they were passionately practicing for Madrigal auditions--Maddie for 9th grade, Linzie for High School.
Taylor actually admitted to me that week that she might be trying to brown nose Heavenly Father.  Can you do that? After listening and singing along with each other more times than should be legal, the Madrigal auditions came and went with Maddie making first cuts.  Linzie didn't get a reprieve, her auditions were all or nothing.  There was much rejoicing as we focused our sights on Friday when all would be weighed and our fates would be known.  ( Are you holding your breath here?)

I was at work when I heard my phone ring.  I was with a patient so I let it go, but I always know it's important when the office phone rings immediately following.  Sure enough, the ring came.  I knew it was for me...it was Taylor..."Guess what?"  I squeezed my face and sucked in, "What?"  "I MADE IT!!  MADDIE MADE MADRIGALS TOO!!!"  I could have screamed if it wouldn't have looked really bad in an Orthodontic office but I did the crying mom number and my own little dance.  Yay!!!!  Then it felt like forever until I heard from Linzie.  Odds were not in her favor.  Only 4 alto spots and 2 soprano available and she was auditioning alto.  She is a Sophomore which would lower her odds.  Finally, the phone call....."I MADE IT!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!"  Only 1 Sophomore chosen for alto and only 4 Sophomores altogether made cuts.  Tears of joy for my kids and tears of gratitude that my visit to the Audition and Campaign Hot Place had ended streamed down my cheeks. 

This was last week.  You wonder where I've been?

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  1. Oh my gosh, these posters are DARLING! This gave me a stomach ache though just remembering all those times! We had our share of wins and loses and I'm so happy for your girls to be in Madrigals! I look back at those days with fond memories, even if I do feel my stomach turning! Fun days!