Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Dreams Do Come True

That first beach moment.

When I was 23 I had an employer who took us to Maui for a seminar.  It was love at first visit for Hawaii and I.  Well, I don't know about Hawaii, but I'm pretty sure she feels the same because she keeps summoning me back.  Coming from pretty modest means, a trip like that was never in the cards for me as a girl, so just getting the opportunity to go once was more than I could have ever dreamed of. 

Through many fortunate means, I have had the chance to answer the siren's call and return to Hawaii on many occasions, with many people that I love.  But I always would stand on the beach and pray that someday, somehow, we could get our family to that very spot with us.  That dream came true this December.  My sweet birth mom, Lenna, took Doug and I and our family for the trip of a lifetime to Maui.  I cannot express the pure joy that I felt in the months and days leading up to that trip, and it was even more amazing when we were there.  I kept doing the reality check thing, making sure that I didn't take for granted even one minute.  
Some of our favorite things:

HULA PIE!!  If you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii, find a Leilani's, Kimo's or Duke's restaurant to find this HUGE piece of heaven.  The girls amazed us by each finishing off their own piece before the trip was over.

The Humpbacks!

They are the stars of the show for me. My favorite time to go to Maui is in Dec-Feb when the whales come to give birth and mate.  I can NEVER get enough whale watching and we had such a great show this time. This little baby performed for quite a while for us.

Dressing up and going to dinner:  Roys!!

Ok, maybe not the kids favorite restaurant, but look at this food! More of an adult pleaser, but, really, you have no idea how amazing it is!!Or just maybe you are fortunate enough to know and I am making you hungry!

 The Beach!!! Now that we are home, the kids just keep saying how much they miss the ocean.  It's so incredible how attached you get to the waves and the majesty of it all.  Every morning we would wake up and repeat the Carver family mantra "It's another beautiful day in paradise", and every day it was.
Just chillin!!
Here's a great pic of Taylor with her serious Hang Loose look.  
Nothing like just hangin', every day, all day.  

We are so blessed to have been able to experience it all together.  Traveling to Hawaii is a blessing and a curse, once you have been, it is in your blood and you have to return.  Hopefully some day we can all return together.  But if that never happens, we have so many great memories of our dream coming true!!