Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Day Teetering on Insanity

I laid awake last night for a couple of could have been the nap, it could have been my kids making noise until midnight in the other room, husband snoring, or the fifty things running through my mind.  Ok, let's be real, it really could have been all of these things but one of the many thoughts that kept resurfacing is that I really need to start this blog I meant to start 2 years ago.  There was also that nagging that there was a neighbor whom I have been really meaning to visit still needed to be checked on. So many things kept coming up that I confess I had to open the bottle of anxiety meds next to my bed and send my mind to a peace resort for the night.  But alas, here it is!! My first official blog!!
I have a couple of selfish reasons for blogging, namely to keep some semblance of a journal at last and maybe much more importantly to give myself a platform for venting.  Hopefully I can share some humor and give some value to this insanity I call motherhood. Now, don't get me wrong, I was always the girl who didn't find it necessary to "waste my time on education" when all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was an awesome mom. I love being a mother of four "preteen and drowning in teen" girls and my "sigh of relief" son. There just are days when my enthusiasm dims--just for a few or possibly many--moments.
Today has been no exception. I'm sure many can relate to that beautiful moment when the beloved bus arrives and the children are whisked away to their local fine institute of learning (what exactly they are learning is a subject for a whole other day). For just a few moments, you feel the silence. Yes, you FEEL it. Then the dog barks and you realize you have half an hour to shower and be somewhere. So much for freedom. I spent the morning trying to pose for an office picture and do my best to look 30 and under 125 lbs, then I followed it up at the gym still working on the whole age 30 and, yes, under 125 lbs thing. So I spent a couple of hours trying to undo what 15 years of kids has done to me then came home to see what 15 years of kids has done to my housekeeping skills and checkbook.  (Not Pretty!)
This amazing day was topped off with driving from here to Timbuktoo looking for silver spray paint and, get this, pencil buttons. Talk about a needle in the haystack, and not just the buttons! Apparantly silver spray paint is a hot commodity at Halloween. (who knew?) All this with four girls shouting at each other and at me (one of them wasn't even mine!). Now I don't know how many of you understand what it is like when teenage girls get home from school. It can go either way, I don't want to talk, see or hear anyone in this family, or I am going to talk to you about today and I am going to talk louder and faster and more intently than anyone else here and you will hear me over all else.  Let me share that when the latter is the case and you have 3 or more girls there is no escaping it and there is nothing much left in your brain when they are through with you except maybe a dull headache.
So in a nut shell, we are once again eating dinner at 8 pm and following that up with what promises to be a charming family night full of shrill screams of torment and chaotic pumpkin decorating.  Then when it is all over I am hoping to crawl into bed tonight with at least one batch of laundry washed and 2 wonderful goals crossed off of my mental to-do list. Despite everything, my sweet neighbor got her visit and for better or for worse my blog has begun.

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  1. Hi Taunie, I'm so glad to be connected! I can't believe these beautiful girls and your darling Chance. this is a great way to stay in touch.

    Our blog is I assume you have the girls's blog addresses. Love you!