Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sexy

"The Sexy"
Oh please don't be alarmed by my title, it is so not what you think. I just have been wanting so badly to share with you the importance of this little member of our household.  I really don't want to sound insane (oh wait, we talked about that last time), but I am referring to our little dog, Mokie.  Perhaps the most endearing part of this little guy is all of the entertainment that constantly surrounds him.  Not only is he a cherished member of our family, my closest thing to a baby, and our little barky protector but he is also a huge source of comedy, drama and more often than we would like - the center of attention.
Mokie came to our family four years ago and stole our hearts right away. He is not like a toy that after a few weeks loses it's charm but for the last few years every day has seemed like the best day.  Not long after we got him we realized that there just was not enough adjectives to describe him, so oddly enough, the one that stuck is The Sexy.  No, there is no inappropriate connection to his nickname, it's just that every silly little face he gives you or every little crazy stunt he tries captivates you.
"Please give me the sucker, pleeaase?"
I know that many of you reading this probably have a little dog or cat that you love, but I have to concede that this little dog's charm comes mainly from the constant narration that follows him everywhere he goes. Not long after he came, Taylor decided to give him a voice. Not just any voice but this darling Mokie voice. So we not only have a sweet little dog but also one that can speak and has an amazing sense of humor.  Eventually each daughter has adapted their own version of the Mokie speak and given our Sexy a personality like no other.  So if you ever come to my house, and you fall into good graces with Taylor, make sure you get her to do the Mokie voice for you.
My little love affair with this animal has origins in many other past pets. In my youth I loved others, my bunnies, our cows, my own cow "Fonzie", our sheep and the turkeys we raised. I do have to admit there was no love loss for the chickens, however. And lest I forget Benji. The dog who was attached to my Dad's hip when he wasn't was seated right by him in his pick-up truck. When my father passed away my first immediate consolation was that he and his faithful friend were reunited.
Recently I watched a movie a friend lent me called "Buck".  The movie is a documentary about a man who is the original "Horse Whisperer".  The movie is a must see for many reasons but mainly for me I realized just how much you can learn about people just by the way they treat their animals.  My sweet dad was a big believer in treating animals with respect and kindness and every Christmas morning he made sure that cows were given their Christmas grain before any other activity began. With an example like that how could I not just love these amazing creatures that have completed my life in so many ways. Thank Heaven we have a soft tonque to lick our tears, a warm body to make us feel safe and a little performer to make us smile. Thank Heaven for our sweet little "Sexy".

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