Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanking my way to Thanksgiving

Great minds think alike.  As I was surfing the internet and trying to catch up on my cyber accounts today I noticed that my amazing cousin, Saren, was echoing my plan for blogging this month.  Of course she was, the Eyres are all about gratitude--and it shows.
My gratitude post today is that I have been so blessed to have Doug's brother's family move in next to us. For two years now we have finally been able to enjoy cousins living in our near vicinity.  In fact, we are so close that it is a 2 minute or less jont to their back door.
For so many reasons this has been wonderful for our family. The kids now have best friends that they mutually stick up for no matter what. In the beginning there was a period of time where the girls would spat off and on because they spent so much time together, but now those times are few and far between. Instead there is someone just around the corner to make strange videos with and do make up and photo shoots with. Life is never boring when sweet Kelsie shows up and the entertainment value is usually pretty high.  Before college life, Jacey was always here for girl bonding talks and the occasional eybrow tweezing. (Yes, this is what we do with a houseful of teenage girls!)  Even though Chance likes to pretend he is so much older than Kaden and Kameron he tends to spend plenty of time at their house and can't even usually make it through a whole family dinner without taking off before his plate is clean.

 Mark has taken on the role of second father and more than he probably likes is invited or coerced into helping with homework. The kids love his dry humor. Jacob is everyone's friend and is the audio-visual tech fo the family.

Prom Primping

Jacob and Morgan

There's always a makeup job
Sally, Becky and I
As for me, I don't know what I would do without Becky here to save me when I forget things (which is most of the time), and to be my "missed the bus again" carpool when I am at work. She is my Cafe Rio and Costco partner and she always makes me laugh. Most of all she helps me remember that I may not always have it all together but that is life and maybe no one really does. She is a confidant, counselor and sister and I am so grateful to have that right next door..or street.


  1. *giggle* I recognize that basket. :D

  2. Miss you guys! You should plan a visit some day, especially since we're adding one more girl to the gaggle of grandkids.

  3. Oh, so sweet! Thank you for the nice comments and thanks for putting up with us.

  4. So fun to see this! Love being in touch. Can't believe those girls! Wow! Chance to of course, but teenagers? Really? Darling!