Monday, November 7, 2011

I love the walk!!!

My beautiful friend, Eileen and me in Hawaii
About 4 years ago I committed to my friend, Eileen, that I would get up and walk with her in the morning.  Eileen has been walking for around, well, just about forever.  Anyone that lives in this area knows her and her reputation proceeds her as she is the official speed walker of our area.  For years I was just the observer, seeing her every morning and sometimes twice a day out there walking faster than most people run.  Her consistency rivals that of the post office and you knew no matter what every day she would be out there pounding the pavement.  So given this, you can imagine how skeptical I was at being able to keep up with her.  Nonetheless, I decided to try and for the first week I truly knew agony.  You see, Eileen gives you about 3 days to make it or break it and then she leaves you in the dust, not wanting to sacrifice her own workout.  So for days I struggled to keep up and reminded myself that it would eventually get better.  After about 2 weeks I called her and asked her if she really did enjoy the walk or if it was something she just struggled through every day.  She reassured me that she loved walking and one day I would too.  After 4 years I can tell you, I love the walk.  We are now commonly referred to as "the West Point Walkers" and just like clockwork we are out there almost every day.  But something magical happens on the walk...not only are we strengthening our bodies but we strengthen each other emotionally. There's airing of complaints about kids, husbands, family, work, and other stresses in our lives, but at the end of the walk it is done and left at the curb and we leave ready to face the day again. 
No two people could be much more opposite but I have to tell you how grateful I am for my Eileen.  She has healed my heart and taught me courage on many occasions.  I hope that I do the same for her.  Women need good women. 
My Eileen is in Italy this week with her husband so I ran five miles with my friend, Whitney, this morning. Something that 5 years ago I never imagined I could ever do.  I wasn't even tired when we finished.  How blessed and grateful I am for the amazing blessing of excercise and the beautiful blessing of friends. 

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  1. Good grief, I had no idea you were doing this all these years. Kudos to one amazing woman!