Monday, November 21, 2011

My mother's angels

My mother lives in Spokane, Washington and my trips home are not as often as I would like.  I try to call her when I have moments with no kids on my arm and a good half hour or so. Mom is 87 this year and in good health for her age, considering she is living with 3 leaky valves in her heart.  She gets up and walks on the treadmill most mornings and often does more than she should around the house, which tends to get her in trouble with her kids. I spoke with my mother today and every time I do I am so grateful for the chance to pick up the phone and talk to her.  As she so often does she talked to me about her day, how the weather is there and who she has heard from recently.  With eleven kids one would hope that she hears from people often.  The thing that always makes my heart happy is when I hear of those people who live by her and attend church with her who take time out of their schedules to visit her, call her and do things like snow removal and sprinkler maintenance.  I am so grateful for these people who really have no obligation to this older woman other than the moral obligation they give themselves.  So many times my family has been helped and blessed by the hands of angels who reach out to my sweet mother.  Today I am thankful for these people who have truly touched my dear mother and our whole family. I strive to look around me and find others I can bless just as others are blessing us.

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